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Enjoy Vacation with Just Your Phone

Vacations take a lot of work to plan for all the places you might want to go. There are obvious tourist spots and local, cultural landmarks as well as public activities and unique one-time attractions. It can be hard to keep track of, and even harder to find in a new place. Thankfully, after many years of advancements, technology has given us an all-in-one tool that helps with any vacation – the smartphone.

Here are some reasons why you absolutely should’t forget your phone on a vacation.

1. It’s a Map to Everywhere


Smartphones are equipped with location-tracking GPS that allows parameters that measure your Internet connection to make close guesses to where you are on the planet Earth – from anywhere. Even if cell coverage isn’t that widespread, the GPS in most phones can serve as a tool to navigate any foreign city or wilderness within hiking distance. There are even offline apps that can use the phone’s signaling power with no Internet whatsoever, ideal for those who want to take a break from civilization without getting totally lost.

2. It Knows More than Locals Do

We have access to all the world’s information through online encyclopedias and live translation apps. If there’s something you don’t know about the area you’re staying in, have no fear: someone online does, and they’ve likely already answered any of the questions you have. You’ll never need a tour guide or pocketbook as long as you have a full battery and a signal. Learn on the fly and enjoy life as it comes to you.

3. It Brings Extra Fun


For rainy days at the beach or for when the crowds are too long, or just anytime, your phone can serve as a much-needed distraction. Distractions are what vacations are all about. You don’t need to leave home to take up a new hobby or get free spins on gambling websites like, but everything you do on vacation counts towards a little bit more of the overall fun.

4. It Can Save Your Life

Trouble can come up everywhere. Just because you’re taking a break from the world doesn’t mean the dangers in it will all stop and avoid you. A phone can get you out of a bad situation. Know the local emergency contact numbers and make a few friends who you can call to help you out if you need it. As long as you have a phone, you are never alone.

Don’t forget to charge your phone before visiting some places. The other option is to bring battery charger in your pocket.

5. It Has a Better Memory Than You


There are some things you can only see in particular places of the world that defy all descriptions – natural wonders and beauty that the Earth produces which mankind can’t replicate.

If you cross paths with an unforgettable sight during a vacation, take out the phone and take a quick picture or video. The quality might be degraded compared to your eyesight, but having the memory preserved will be worth it. It’s lighter than most cameras and has more memory, too.

However, always firstly enjoy the moment, feel the place and then think about how to get all these feeling into one picture. Photographing is not just pressing the button on the phone. You need to be creative.

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