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Reasons Why wedding in Vegas is a great idea

Just like in the romantic movies – can you imagine a perfect date that ends up with a small and private wedding ceremony in the city of Las Vegas? Probably we’ve watched a lot of these movies, but have you ever asked yourself is it really possible to get married in one night, even to a complete stranger you met at the bar? In most cases, that happens only in Hollywood movies, but it’s a fact that there are a lot of quick marriage services in the city that never sleeps.

Many couples are under pressure to have parties before the wedding, to plan the reception, to choose the best man and the bridesmaids, and try not to hurt anyone with their choices. Traditional ceremonies are very time-consuming, but at the same time, they require a lot of energy, and dedication, so everything can turn out perfect. That’s why some couples decide to run away and have a small and intimate ceremony in Las Vegas. Some of them even travel from other continents, so they can fulfill their dream. Have you ever imagined that?

Right now, due to restrictions because of the pandemic, most of these popular cities around the world don’t “breathe” the same way as before, and the same goes for Vegas too. But, it’s still possible to get a marriage certificate online, if you are in a hurry to get married as soon as possible. But, if you can wait until the next season, or two, you may have the whole Las Vegas experience, including nights full of booze, playing real-life casino games, or even online ones, then have an Uber-drive to the first chapel that can let you, choose your priest, your rings, and then get your marriage certificate.
Here are a few reasons why is that great:

1. Fast and spontaneous decision

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As we said, long planning isn’t something that people really enjoy. Some of them want to make decisions overnight because they feel like that. So, if you are on a vacation with your soulmate, and you played a little gambling by accessing the link to, and got some money, you can invest them in a small wedding, that will surely surprise your families. This city reminds of gambling, fast life, and even faster marriages, so it’s normal to do all of that while there.

2. Their wedding service works 24/7

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This city has an official bureau that issues marriage certificates, that works 24/7, with an exception of holidays, when they work from 8 am until 12 am the next day. As newlyweds, you will only need to wait a few minutes for your license, and it will cost you almost nothing, compared to the expenses for the reception, wedding dress, invitations, and scheduling a venue to celebrate with the family. Also, these services can provide you a witness, if you don’t have one, so you can get legally married.

3. Great party after the ceremony

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Since you won’t have to spend hours at the reception, you can proceed to some bar or club to have a great night. Luckily, Las Vegas has a lot of party places to offer to visitors. You can treat yourself to something that is included in the wedding price, or you can run away again, and visit a club on the other side of the city. No matter what you choose, you will surely fall asleep in your dress, and wake up the next day relaxed, because you won’t have all those friends and family members around you waiting to hear how was the first night. Sadly, all of these things won’t be available completely until the pandemic ends, but surely you can wait a little more, and organize your once-in-a-lifetime night in Vegas.

4. You can choose between different venues and styles

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Sometimes, traditional families will be against every idea you will have, and they will deny everything except the tradition. But, young people today may want different things than their parents or grandparents. So, if it happens you are in Vegas with your soulmate, you can choose to get married in a chapel, casino, open garden, club, or even on some attractive city spot, and have a very different experience compared to your family’s. After you get back home, together with your marriage certificate, you can have an ordinary wedding, knowing that you already had what you wanted.

5. Choose a wedding package

Even if you plan a “last minute” marriage, these places can offer a complete package to you, including special lighting, photographer, cake, and music. It would be in a hurry, and it won’t be something exceptional, but sure it will cost less than organizing all of those things for an hour-long ceremony. These packages also include a spa treatment for the newlyweds, then a hotel room, or even a breakfast and lunch included in the price. This will save you a lot of nerves and money, since many couples have a lot of problems with their traditional families to prove they want something different, and it doesn’t need to be all shiny and ceremonial in order to get married.

Marriage isn’t something that can be planned overnight. Probably, if you are long enough with your partner, you know exactly what do you want from them, and your expectations are realistic. But, many couples are crushing under the families’ pressure when it comes to organizing the wedding, asking themselves if all of that worth the effort. So, spontaneous decisions may be the best ones in cases like this. Not every couple is able to visit the City of Lights, and have a quick marriage. But, surely you can decide to do it all by yourself if you don’t want huge ceremonies and receptions with hundreds of guests.

We hope that this article will be helpful for you, and since you are here, we suppose you are already planning your best day – and we will just wish you a lot of luck, hoping that you made the right choice for your life.

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