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10 Tips For Travelling Alone

If you’re planning on a weekend getaway or a major vacation, you have a lot of prep work to do. It’s even harder if you’re going it alone. But that shouldn’t turn you away from the joy of traveling.

Here are 10 quick tips to make going abroad on your own a more rewarding experience.

1. Avoid Overpaying for Lodging


You’ll need somewhere to stay, even on the move, so be aware of good single rates. A lot of vacation bookings are devised for couples or families and, if you request to be alone in a room, they may consider charging you additionally to make up for the person they expected you to bring.

2. Review Ratings

People express their opinions for everything online now. Use those opinions and find a place not just with positive reviews, but also well-sourced ones that address issues and highlight features that you want to see.

3. Free Wi-Fi is a Must

As long as you have your smartphone you can connect to pretty much anything you want. It can serve as a translator in a pinch, a map, a phonebook, a travel agent, and many more as long as you can get an Internet connection. Don’t run out of your phone plan early.

4. Be Social

Going solo doesn’t mean staying alone. Get to know other travelers who are going solo or have groups and make friends, at least, for a short time.

5. Make Eating a Hobby


If you’re at some brand new place, take in some local culture through food. Trying out local cuisine of traditional food will fill you up physically and spiritually. Turn a pit stop into a tourist spot.

6. Wake Up Early

Get a head start on the day to adjust to new time zones or local customs. As a loner, you can change nightlife with early daytime attractions, which are usually more fun alone anyway.

7. Experiment

If you ever wanted to do something but just never took the first step because of friends or family – good news: they aren’t here! Do some new things (like checking out for sports betting). Even if you go wrong, the only one who will know is you.

8. Take Pictures

Don’t forget to commemorate all the new sights and your experiences with pictures. Your smartphone is a camera with potentially limitless storage if you upload to the cloud. You can even take videos. The memories will stay in your mind, but social media exists for those who can’t read your mind.

9. Keep Your Friends Informed


Even if you’re half the world away, you want someone you trust to know where you’re going. When you plan out the things you want to do, brief your friends or family. It’ll keep them informed of your adventures, and if something bad happens, they’ll know where you might be.

10. Keep Emergency Contacts Close

It’s always safe to plan around worst-case scenarios, even if they aren’t likely to happen. If they do, you want to have a good list of people to contact. Look up local emergency service numbers and, of course, keep your family well informed. If all goes well, they’ll just be happy to know you’re having fun.

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