8 Reasons Why Canada Is the Perfect Winter Holiday Destination

Canada is the perfect winter Holiday destination getaway for a lot of people and for others not so much. But there are legitimate reasons why you should put Canada on your bucket list this winter.

We will discuss those reasons in this article. So if you’re interested in knowing more, then make sure to stick around as we’ll start right now.

The Cities Are Less Crowded

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The key difference between winter and summer in Canada is the fact that people get very chilly while outside. And while this can be a problem for unprepared travelers, there might be a silver lining in all of that.
With more people choosing to stay indoors and many others traveling to exotic warm places such as Australia, it could be the perfect time to explore the many wonderful cities in Canada.

Fewer crowds on the streets mean a more relaxed getaway, and that also applies to the many wonders and attractions that the country has to offer.

Catching a Game of Hockey

Contrary to popular beliefs, hockey isn’t Canada’s national sport. That title goes to lacrosse. But the reason why the country is so synonymous with the sport is down the colder weather. The winter season is prime for hockey season. This is when both Canadian and US teams get together and compete in the national league; the NHL.

And every city, no matter how big or small, has its own hockey team. So, when visiting the country in the winter, make sure to grab yourself a ticket for an NHL game as we’re absolutely positive you’ll love it. Who knows, maybe you’ll even fall in love with the sport.

See a Different Side of the Country

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While places such as Ottawa and Toronto are very different in winter, that rule applies to the whole nation as a whole. The streets are painted white and the neighborhoods are prepped for the winter holidays.
It is a sight that is very much different than most places in the world. Winter in Canada is really spectacular.

Toronto is a prime example of it. Not only will you see a different side to the nation’s biggest city, but you’ll also get to shop at one of the most unique underground shopping centers; the PATH.

So, if you want to see something different on your travels, make sure to book your flight to one of Canada’s biggest cities such as Toronto or Ottawa.

When the time for planning your Canada winter holiday trip comes, it’s important to know what your choices are. Fully exploring the country is no big deal, as the sheer size can be intimidating. Fortunately, you can get all the help from experts that layout the groundwork’s for your next trip to Canada.
For more information on that, make sure to click here.

Winter Festivals

Nothing speaks more about Canada’s winter culture like the many winter festivals that take place during that time. From Simcoe Christmas Panorama to Rossland Winter Festival, the sheer amount of entertainment can be enough to satisfy everyone. And for most travelers, this is precisely what makes visiting Canada in the winter so appealing.

Nearly every city has a festival on its own. From the big ones in Ottawa and Toronto to the lesser-known festivals in the smaller cities.

Culinary Experience

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Nothing speaks about the perfect breakfast in Canada like the exclusive menus restaurants offer during the winter months. Foodies can rest assured knowing that all of their needs are taken care of by the many establishments that completely revamp their menus for the holidays.

This culinary experience is something that very few countries do it. But the Canadians are so good at it that many consider it a tradition.

Perfect Destinations

The mountainous countryside is maybe the best thing about the country in the winter. Not only can you experience the seasonal sightseeing of Old Montreal, but there are plenty of sights and destinations for you to explore.

Whenever exploring the many destinations the country has to offer, do know that the snow makes it that much better.

Skiing And Hitting the Slopes

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If you’re a particular lover of winter sports, then do know that Canada is the place to be. The country rivals even the greatest of European skiing capitals such as Switzerland, Italy, and the Scandinavians.

The country certainly ranks number one on the North American continent, and many consider it to be the best when it comes to the Americas as a whole.

If you’re visiting the country solely for the skiing experience, then Collingwood’s Blue Mountain is probably your best pick. Whistler and BC are also top favorites and the better choice for many.

Regardless, the country’s unique climate makes it perfect for skiing and snowboarding. When on one of these slopes, make sure to stop for some hot chocolate with a mountain view in one of the many chalets.

Ice Fishing

While ice fishing might not appeal to most travelers, it is certainly a unique activity that you should try. Ice fishing is one of those things that you can find in very few places. The first ones to come to mind, apart from Canada, are the Scandinavian countries.

The appeal of this unique activity is the fact that you go out on the freezing lake and you poke a hole in the ground where you’ll fish for unique species.

One of the best places for that is Lake Simcoe. Here, you can even hire the fishing gear itself and grab a booking at one of the many specially designed fishing huts.

Ice fishing is something that Canadians love very much and a totally different experience than the one you’re used to. If you’re fairly new to fishing but want to try it, most resorts and lakes have operators that can guide you through the process and the basics. You’ll become a pro in no time.


Canada has a huge winter appeal. From skiing to ice fishing, few countries rival it in the snowy months. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a ticket and immerse yourself in the winter experience that the country offers.

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