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Top 15 Best Travel Agency for Grenada Cruise

Grenada is an island, but also a state in the Caribbean Sea, and it’s popular for the cruise tours, spices, especially nutmeg, and the specific colorful architecture many people love to watch all day long. A huge number of tourists visit it every year, especially those from the USA and the whole of Europe.

Since traveling in 2024 is mostly forbidden or you need a special allowance to leave your country and travel to another, you may want to leave your Grenada cruise plans for 2024, or even for 2024 when hopefully, the situation with the coronavirus will be more stable.

Until then, consider some of these travel agencies the best for organizing cruises and excursions around the island:

1. Tours Grenada

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If you are looking for a tour of Carriacou, may be the best place for you. Just choose the package you love, and be sure you will get the greatest service of all. But, no matter where do you want to go, they are here for you.

2. Going Places Travel

You can book your next trip through their form on the website, and they will always list the offers from the lower price to the highest. Also, you will find lots of suggestions on how to spend your time and what to do while on vacation.

3. Travel Leaders

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On this service you can locate a travel agent who will work the best for your needs, and who will lead you through the whole process, so you can be sure you won’t forget anything at home, or miss your flight or boat.

4. Liberty Travel

They cover a huge part of the world, and you can book a plane ticket with their help. They will guide you through the whole process, and help you find the right cruise excursion for you.

5. Just Grenada

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This agency is focused on the state’s beautiful nature, and once you arrive there, you can book a lot of activities, and be sure you won’t miss any important spot on the island.

6. Sunsations

They offer exclusive hotels and accommodations, helping you to meet the local culture, and adapt to it, as you lived there forever.

7. Caribbean Horizons

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If you are looking for local tours and excursions, their office in Grenada may be the best for you, starting from basic packs to the most exclusive ones.

8. HCB Travel

They are primarily based in New Zealand, so if you live there, or close, you don’t need to look for a professional agency any further, because they will organize the best vacation for you.

9. Vacations To Go

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Vacations To Go are specialized for cruise lines, covering a lot of Caribbean lines, excursions, daily sailing, offering competitive prices and great discounts for their loyal clients.

10. Cruises & Tours Worldwide

This is one place that covers a lot of cruise travels and excursions worldwide. They currently work under special conditions due to the COVID-10 pandemic and possible state of emergency.

11. WDWGetaways

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They are here for you, to help you get to your favorite destination, and start your dream vacation the very same day, including tropical resorts, beaches, and cruises.

12. Expedia

This is one of the best-recognized travel services that offer accommodations, hotels, vacation packages, different types of sailing excursions, car rentals, flight tickets, and so on.

13. Global Discovery Vacations

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GDV offers a wide range of deals for Grenada, and you only need to see what suits you the best and be sure you will get the best service ever, worth every dollar you spend.

14. Eco Dive & Trek

This is a local agency that offers sailing and diving, with licensed, certified, and experienced instructors. It’s a next-level experience you will never forget in your life.

15. Kingdom Travel

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People who work there have one mission – to make all of your dreams and fantasies possible. They are dedicated to every client who gets in their office, and you will be 100% satisfied with their service.
Grenada during COVID-19

By the time this article is written, Grenada has only one active COVID-19 case. The total number of infected citizens since the beginning of the pandemic is 25, which means 24 already recovered. They have 0 deaths due to the virus. At the same time, the rest of the world is facing hard times because of the so-called second wave.

Sadly, more than 1.12 million people lost their lives because of the coronavirus, and the total number of cases is around 40.3 million. That’s one of the reasons why the touristic season in Grenada is on hold. The authorities won’t let any foreigner get in, because the risk is huge, and no one wants to put those people in danger.

But, Grenada is still an attractive place, and they will recover right after the pandemic is over. The tourists will be back again, and everything will work smoothly, including the travel agencies all around the world who organize cruises and sailings to and around this small island state.

Why tourists love it?

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The Caribbean islands offer everything one tourist loves – sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, breathtaking nature, hiking, local food, and culture, and the best thing is that it’s not very expensive, and many people can really afford it, even though they are part of the middle class.

Locals also are very friendly and helpful for those who come to visit their island. There are many attractions visitors can see, and they can buy the best spices for cooking, especially nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice, and many more.

We are sure the situation is sad for both the tourists and local government and authorities, but it’s always safer to cancel or postpone something than to keep organizing it and go against the laws and safety recommendations.

The pandemic is on the rise again, but we are here to be responsible and protect ourselves, so we can freely travel the next year, and who knows – maybe Grenada cruises will be the most anticipated attraction for the years to come.

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