5 Things Everyone Hates About Traveling

Traveling is all nice and enjoyable for everyone and only a few things can ruin your time on holidays. However, there are things everyone hates about traveling, and we’ll cover them today in this article.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or you only go abroad on exceptional occasions, you’ll certainly recognize yourself. Make sure to read until the end to understand some of the worst parts of traveling that you might not have considered before. But, before starting off, if you’re willing to discover the best things about traveling, make sure to check Tricks and Trips.

Traveling and going on holiday is not only sharing beautiful photos and spending time on a beach while seeing the sunset. For this reason, and without further ado, let’s go more into detail about the things to everyone hates about traveling.


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Packing is the enemy of full-time travelers but also occasional travelers. In fact, the packing process, especially for long trips, can be a real pain. For instance, imagine flying from Seattle to Thailand. You’ll need to carry heavy clothes but also summery clothes and shoes to travel around.
In addition, if you’re traveling to mountainous regions or planning to go camping, packing your luggage will be even more annoying.

On the other hand, if you’re planning a city break or a long weekend to the beach, packing ends up being considerably easier. Still, you’ll need to prepare for sudden weather changes, pack a rain jacket, an alternative pair of shoes, and so on.

To sum up, packing can be seen as a positive, since it’s the start of your journey, however, it can easily become a bad thing about traveling.

Language Barriers

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Language barriers are definitely part of the traveling experience wherever you go. The different accents, the bad translations, and not understanding what the locals say can make the journey more unique in some way.

However, magic can quickly vanish if you need to get your point across very quickly such as calling an ambulance or fixing a problem in your hotel room. You will end up in situations where you’ll need to get understood, and when you can’t, that’s where the downside of the language barriers appears.

Unfortunately, language barriers can sometimes also lead to getting scammed, and that’s another one of the things that everyone hates about traveling. To conclude, language barriers can make part of the experience but, in the longer run, they can make or break your holiday. This takes us to the following point, exchanging foreign currencies.

Last but not least, there are online translators that can actually be very helpful. However, these won’t certainly save your life. Investing in an actual translation app on your phone will certainly help if traveling in big countries like China for an extended period of time.

Exchanging Foreign Currencies

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Exchanging foreign currencies is certainly one of the biggest drawbacks of traveling you can think of. No one likes wasting money on foreign exchange fees and, when traveling abroad, it just isn’t an option.

For example, if you’re traveling from Canada to India, you’ll have no other option than exchanging your dollars for rupees. Of course, being honest, you can make and get much more for your money in India than in Canada. However, you’ll still be charged 3% or more on your transaction only for exchanging currency.

Moreover, if you’re a full-time traveler, you should be prepared to reserve a small part of your budget only for that. Needless to say, that’s definitely a less pleasant part of traveling. To sum up, if you want to enjoy your travels, even more, make sure to get yourself a no foreign currency exchange fee credit card to invest your money somewhere else.

Forgetting Things Around

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Forgetting things around is not ideal back home, let alone while traveling. Of course, it’s normal to drop things here and there on your travels. However, when you lose important things such as your wallet, your phone, or your passport, things get much more complicated.

If your plan is to travel full time, then you’ll become much more used to it. However, it is still a natural and normal thing that you should take into consideration. To have more peace of mind, we’d recommend you to purchase some accessories such as a Bluetooth tracker or a fanny bag to keep all your belongings.

To conclude, traveling is a fantastic experience both nationally and internationally. For this reason, making sure not to ruin it by forgetting things around will make it more pleasant and certainly less disastrous.

Going Back Home

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Ask any traveler what part of their holiday they liked the least and they’ll all reply the same: going back home. Whether you had the time of your life or not, going back home to your routine is certainly something that no one looks forward to.

In addition, while it’s normal to get homesick from time to time and miss family and friends, traveling is a unique part of our lives, and returning home will definitely make you nostalgic. Packing to go back home, taking a taxi to the airport, and checking-in the return flight are definitely some of the things that everyone hates about traveling.

Things Everyone Hates About Traveling

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These were the 5 absolute worst things about traveling. Of course, with the current pandemic, a small percentage of people get to experience them. However, let’s just take this as an excuse to get prepared to pack our luggage and invest in a Bluetooth tracker.

Additionally, traveling nationally will reduce the foreign exchange fees and the language barriers and that’s definitely less of a drawback when traveling. Obviously, going back home is still one of the worst parts about traveling, but that only means that you’ll get prepared to travel again soon.

To conclude, traveling is not only seeing sunshine and discovering cultural attractions, but it’s also full of challenging parts. You’ll get better with experience and you’ll only need to exercise more, be more knowledgeable, and enjoy your travels even more!

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