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Ecuador – Step into a Diverse World

Ecuador is a secluded paradise, one of these destinations where there is still not a large accumulation of tourists. And most fascinating of all is that you can do anything you want: from bathing in the warm Pacific coasts to climbing a volcano in the Andes mountain range, swimming in the Galapagos Islands, or discovering the Amazon jungle. If you still don’t have a destination for your next vacation, add Ecuador and discover the most incredible places.

A small country located in South America, Ecuador is among the 17 megadiverse countries in the world, crossed by the equatorial line (hence its name) to find mangroves, tropical dry forests, tropical humid forests, as well as Pacific clouds, Andean moors, Andean montane forests, Amazonian cloud forests, Amazonian tropical humid, active snow-capped volcanoes, craters, lagoons and inhabited, fertile rivers and valleys, a marine archipelago.

Despite its different landscapes and climates, Ecuador is characterized by being an endless spring, its temperature is around 66°F during most of the year, it is always warm with a cool and very tropical environment, the only area where you should shelter It is in the mountains, but even there you will have days where you can go out without a lot of clothes on.

Distances within the country are short, moving from one landscape to another is possible in a very short time, you can travel from north to south or from east to west within the country in a short time, which will give you the possibility of knowing many places without the bodily bustle left by long-distance trips. It is a great advantage to enjoy different experiences, cultures, and flora and fauna in such a short time away.

This is why I recommend 4 beautiful places where you can enjoy a beautiful stay in this paradise.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

In eastern Ecuador, in the Amazon jungle. Where you find abundant water, flora, and fauna in its purest state, you will feel that your lungs expand from all the pure air they will receive. This reserve is one of the few in Amazonian Ecuador that has easy access, with paved roads. Other reserves do not usually have favorable conditions to receive tourists, therefore it is unique. This jungle is pristine in nature, you will meet the flora and fauna in their natural state, where they run freely, but surely you will imagine dangerous animals and a mysterious destination. Of course not, living in harmony with nature is not dangerous. Rather, it is a unique experience where you will see rivers of clear water, paths full of flowers and trees, and the music you will hear is the sound of birds and monkeys. A paradise within your reach.


The city of the fabulous Panama Hat, surely you will find it curious why if the hat is Ecuadorian, why is it known in the world as Panama Hat? The story is as follows, during the construction of the Panama Canal in 1914, hundreds of straw hats were imported from Ecuador for the workers to use in their workdays, they gained relevance when one of

these hats was given to the president back then, Theodore Roosevelt who was fascinated by this hat. From there it is mistakenly called a Panama hat when in reality they are 100% Ecuadorian. Now, you may wonder how interesting you can do in Montecristi. Many tourists come to this place to learn about the process of handmade weaving of the hat and in addition to knowing other crafts that are characteristic of this area, with materials such as toquilla straw, tagua, seashells, cabuya, among others. That arises from an ancient culture that still lives among us. Montecristi is a city that is located on a hill with a beautiful view of the sea, it has a cool climate, perfect for walking and getting to know, a city with art in its streets. For more information on Toquilla, Straw hats visit >> EcuadorianHands.


The capital of Ecuador is also known for being a place where modern architectural urbanism and colonial architecture converge harmoniously. The historical and cultural sites offered by the Historic Center of Quito, as well as the dozens of museums and other attractions that the city has. Visit its hundreds of shops, cafes, and restaurants. You will also take advantage of the many options for day trips, walks, and ascents that can be done in the surroundings of the city. Quito’s central location makes it the perfect base from which to visit other regions of the country as well. From there you can travel to the coast and the Amazon jungle in a short time. Quito is also a very cultural city, here you can enjoy painting, theater, and dance. If you are a person who likes these spaces, there are options both in theater and outdoors.

Quilotos Lagoon

In the Illiniza reserve, this lagoon is born from an extinct volcano millions of years ago, the colors of its waters are usually blue or green, depending on the time of year. It is located in the Andes mountain range at 3900 meters above sea level, in the Pujilí canton, Cotopaxi province. This place is visited by tourists from all over the world, but do not be afraid to visit, it is a place where you can appreciate the Andean landscape alone, as it is not usually overcrowded with tourists. Also, this place is perfect for adventurous tourists where you can go hiking, boating, horseback riding. It also has a camping area, feel the cold of the mountain range, and the sound of the wind while having a beautiful view of the lake.


In the province of Esmeraldas on the equatorial coast to the northwest of the country. Mompiche is a town of Afro-descendants who live their culture and magic where ancestral knowledge colludes where it denotes their music and dance that makes locals and strangers enjoy. Here there are beautiful and long calm beaches, an ideal place seven hours from Quito. If you have the rustic infrastructure, you will not let yourself get rid of the natural atmosphere. There are hotels and tourist complexes, you decide where to stay and choose what best suits your taste. Apart from the beach, there are tourist complexes where you can spend a beautiful stay, apart from tasting unique gastronomy with marine species that will make you feel a frenzy on your palate.

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