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4 Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites While on Vacation

Vacation is the best time of the year, according to the majority of people. It’s when we’re relaxed the most, far away from deadlines, projects, interaction with people, stress, meetings and anxiety. It’s the time of the year when we put all our real problems and troubles aside, only to take a few extra breaths, recharge our batteries and spend some time with our loved ones.

The ideal vacation destination depends on the person’s preferences. It can be a lonely beach with white sand or it can be a wild mountain, rich with greenery and breathtaking views. Whichever option you choose, you’ll probably face the same challenges that may occur anytime and anywhere.

Those challenges are oftentimes closely related to the existence of insects. It may sound funny, but insects such as mosquitoes can turn into your biggest enemy, depending on the time of the year and the location you’re on. Sadly, there are not so many mosquito-free locations in the world. They’re one of the world’s largest groups of inhabitants, so the chances you’ll avoid them are quite low.

Not only are they annoying, but they can also transmit some serious conditions and diseases. Mosquitoes are being known as transmitters of several diseases that could potentially have serious consequences. Depending on their species and the part of the world they live, there is a list of different conditions they can cause. One of the most common ones is certainly malaria. This serious disease is life-threatening, since it travels through your bloodstream, causing high fever, flu-like illness with nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. In the worst-case scenario, it can even cause organ failure, coma or death. Other diseases they can transmit include Zika virus, dengue, yellow fever etc.

But even if there wasn’t any disease, you certainly don’t need to have itchy marks on your skin, that you need to take care of instead of enjoying the sun or going on a hike with your friends.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to take care of this problem and avoid being bitten by these annoying creatures. And by that, we don’t mean cancelling your trip and changing your plans. There are a few simple tricks and products you can use to ensure you have a carefree vacation you enjoy to the fullest.

Here’s our list of 4 ways to prevent mosquito bites while on Vacation:

Wear Proper Clothes

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You probably wonder how to keep the mosquitoes away and the first thing that comes to your mind is to simply cover up as much as you can to avoid their bites. You’re right. This is the simplest yet very effective way of preventing them from biting you. Wearing baggy clothes, layered if possible is one of the best solutions you can get in just a few minutes. They will attack any exposed parts of your skin, so you’ll want to have as much covered as you can. This even means wearing appropriate hats and nets for the protection of your face. Not only that, the clothes you wear should be light-coloured, to be able to spot them better if you see them approaching you. There are even certain clothing brands that offer clothes with chemicals and insecticides that kill mosquitoes when getting in touch with them, without ever washing out. Although a great way to protect yourself, it’s not very convenient since you don’t wanna spend your summer vacation being completely covered, from head to toe. Still, for calm summer nights at the beach, you can get your long-sleeved shirt and pants on.

Use repellents

This is an effective way to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes. Whichever product you choose, you probably won’t be wrong. Due to the high demand for these products, there is a huge variety of them on the market and they keep producing more and more every day. This means that whichever brand and price range you choose, you should only check the ingredients and make sure you’re not allergic to any of them. Other than that, any of them will probably work and you’ll prep your skin for all the adventures you planned. You can go for a spray version, and spray it on both your clothes and your skin or your clothes only if you’re allergic. The most effective products have been the ones that contain DEET, since this chemical keeps the mosquitoes away even with a small dosage of the product. Depending on the concentration of DEET, you can go for stronger or less aggressive ones for the destinations that don’t have that many insects. The average percentage is somewhere between 20 and 30%.

Use Repellers

What if you don’t want to get all covered up during the summer and you don’t want to re-apply repellents every few hours? There’s also a convenient product you can use to get the mosquitoes away from you. For trips in nature, there are portable repellers that are highly effective against several kinds of insects, not only mosquitoes. This is a perfect choice if you love long walks or being active in nature, but it’s also great when you want to chill on your easy chair and don’t want to be bothered by these annoying creatures. There are two types of repellers on the market – chemical and ultrasonic ones. If you wanna go for the healthiest option, you can choose the ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller that emits ultrasonic waves and dragonflies sounds that will scare away the mosquitoes, leaving you safe and secure from their bites. It works on batteries so you won’t need a power source to make it work. If you’re camping, you can place it inside your tent or next to you on the table where you eat, to make these creatures go away, or you can attach the repeller to your backpack. They’re also affordable and safe for the environment, which makes it a product worth trying. Mosquito Repellers on crioxen have a smart sensor incorporated so they emit these sounds right in the direction of the insects’ movement.

Avoid perfumes

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Research shows that mosquitoes love the same beautiful smells like you. This is due to their nectar-collecting habits, so they’ll easily get attracted by your perfumes, deodorants and other products that are overly fragrant. This is why you should go for simple, natural smelling products if you don’t want to attract any unwanted guests. It’s always a great idea to avoid chemical or other unnatural substances that actually make these products so strongly scented. One of the reasons to go for natural-based ones is avoiding the mosquito bites. But the most important reason is certainly your personal health. But, certain fragrances are equally efficient against them since they hate certain smells! And just like that, you can use perfume as a much better-smelling repellent. However, this will only last for an hour or two.

Although mosquitoes can drive you crazy and ruin some of your best moments on vacation, there are always ways to prevent this. After you’ve packed all that you need, include some of the above-mentioned items, to make your vacation stress-free, insects-free and care-free.

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