7 Ways to Earn Money From Travel Blogging

Earning money through a side hustle is something that a lot of people want to do. The latest events regarding the global pandemic put all of us “out of balance” so not everyone is satisfied with their current monthly income. Not to mention that some people even lost their main jobs.

But, if none of the above applies to you, we still have a lot to tell you. If you are the type of person who likes to earn a living by doing something you love, rather than just working “mechanically”, we have a great recommendation for you. In fact, that’s the main topic of today’s article.

In this one, we’ll talk about travel blogging and some of the main benefits of doing it. We’ll try to explain how you can earn from this particular activity and how you can combine it with some other popular side hustles such as drop shipping for example. Since it’s a very interesting subject and we have a lot to talk about, let’s not keep this introduction any longer than it needs to be. Here’s what you should know.

1. Recording YouTube videos

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YouTube is pretty huge nowadays, and one of the best ways to earn through the internet in 2024 is indeed being a regular uploader on this platform. And for your fortune, one of the most viewed types of videos on YouTube is traveling vlogs, especially now in 2024 when the global pandemic prevents a lot of people from visiting the destinations of their dreams. While you’re out there enjoying life, you can spend a small fraction of time during your day and record something interesting. If you are charismatic enough, eventually you’ll form a huge fanbase and you’ll get paid from YouTube for all the viewership.

2. Collaborating with travel agencies

You can earn in a more “official” way by collaborating with travel agencies. You can write about the places they offer to their customers in a positive but honest way and include them on your blog. If you are lucky enough, they’ll use your content on their own official pages as well, which is a win-win situation both for you and the agency. You’ll get traffic and they’ll see more customers excited about the destinations that you reviewed.

3. Dropshipping while traveling

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You can always engage in drop shipping while traveling since this is one of the hottest activities in 2024. It’s very easy to get into and you can learn as you go, which is why a lot of people chose to do this as a side hustle besides their main job. For more information you can always visit if you are eager to learn more about dropship travel products, after all, it’s important to get guided into all this instead of starting all out on your own. Quite an interesting side-hustle that you can do, so don’t disregard it, it earns quite a lot.

4. Attracting traffic to your blog with unique content

Blogging on its own can be a great activity, one that earns you a lot of money as well. But, since the competition is quite large in this particular sphere, you’ll really need to focus on delivering unique content instead of copying someone else or being very similar to some famous blogger. However, it’s quite possible to succeed and we don’t want to discourage anyone from trying. Due to all the modern gadgets we have nowadays, blogging can be done from literally anywhere. You can be in the middle of the ocean and still write something for your website. Of course, while traveling you can take notes of all the things you see and do and then present that in your blog to others who didn’t have the chance to go any further than their own backyards because of the pandemic.

5. Selling professional landscape photography’s

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While traveling, you can write posts to your blog but also take photographs of beautiful landscapes and places that you find to be soul-pleasing. Of course, you’ll need at least some equipment to do something like this, but it’s well worth investing in it if you feel like you can properly do it. People nowadays purchase a lot of photography for many different reasons.

6. Writing reviews for hotels or services

It’s a very popular thing to do in 2024, to stay at a certain hotel while traveling, and then write a review for the hotel on your blog or Instagram page. Sometimes hotel owners will give you a discount or even a free stay for one or two days if they really like your reviews. It’s another win-win situation, but you really need to be influential on social media for something like this to happen.

7. Use the blog as a portfolio to find other freelance jobs

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Last but not least, you can always use your blogging as proof that you know how to properly do this. It’s something that you can show to clients in the future whenever they ask for any of your previous work. It’s much easier to find any freelancing jobs when you have the right portfolio. Not to mention that your own blog can earn you money on its own, and it’s still something that you enjoy doing.
Those who manage to travel and earn money at the same time are considered to be the luckiest people alive. Traveling is such a great activity for our souls and nothing fulfills us more than exploring new areas, meeting new people, and creating unforgettable experiences that we’ll always smile upon whenever they cross our minds.

Thankfully, in 2024 with the help of the internet, we are able to make this come true, as good as it sounds to be real. In today’s guide, we talked about a few great ways of earning while you’re on the road enjoying life. Keep this in mind for when you go traveling in the near future, or when this pandemic finally ends and you can visit any part of the world whenever you want.

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