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8 Family-Friendly Activities To Do In Portsmouth – 2024 Guide

Traveling is an incredible experience that cannot be replaced by anything else. Having the privilege to first-hand see the culture of different countries, cities and even villages is something amazing. Exchanging stories and viewpoints from your life with people from different cultures is something that everyone needs to experience. However, if you have found yourself stumped on the next place you need to visit in your life, you should consider Portsmouth.

Nestled on the south coast, Portsmouth is the ideal place to explore and spend time with the family. Whether it’s exploring the coast, visiting museums, or indulging in exciting attractions, there’s always something to keep the grown-ups and the little ones entertained.

1. Miniport at Gunwharf Quays

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This one is more for the little ones but the grown-ups are sure to enjoy accompanying them. Don a lifejacket, hop on board your own boat and steer around the buoys. The children will love the opportunity to steer their own boat while the parents can sit back and relax! The chance to be the captain of a ship even for a little bit is something you shouldn’t miss out on.
Of course, you won’t be driving a real ship, but you can still have a lot of fun, especially if you are with your family.

2. The Blue Reef Aquarium

An award-winning aquarium, it is perfect for people of all ages. There is something mesmerizing about the underwater world and you’ll get to see it all here. With pufferfish and triggerfish as well as demonstrations, there is plenty of entertainment on offer for all the family.

So, if you or anyone in your family is a lover of the sea world, you should definitely take a trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium. Although, if you do plan on visiting this aquarium, make sure you get there at the right time to see the feeding of different fishes first-hand. Personally, I find the otters most interesting, so I would recommend seeing the feeding process of these wonderful animals.

Fun fact, otters understand the idea of using tools for all kinds of stuff. They use rocks to open up clams for food and sometimes even play with them.

3. Clarence Pier

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With plenty of fun activities for all, this is one of the largest amusement parks on the south coast. With rides and activities that are suitable for all the family, it’s a little throwback to amusement parks of old. Based on the seafront, it’s unique setting adds to the experience!

4. Exciting Escape

If you love team experiences as a family and you want to compete against the clock then Exciting Escapes is for you. There’s a great selection of themed rooms to choose from so get ready for a fun-filled experience. Find clues, solve puzzles, and escape within an hour.

5. Emirates Spinnaker Tower

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For the lovers of unique architecture, crazy buildings and heights, I would definitely recommend checking out the Emirates Spinnaker Tower.

Soaring into the sky at a height of 170m, this popular attraction is loved by all. Offering some of the best views over the English Channel, you’ll see the Solent, the harbor, and ships rolling into the quays. The glass Sky Walk is for the daring types but on a clear day, there really is no better way to take in the views!
However, this tower is not just about sight-seeing. There are a lot more to it and a lot more experiences. Sure, you could just take a quick walk on the tallest floor and see the end of the horizon, but you could also enjoy a cup of coffee, brunch, or dinner at The Clouds restaurant/café.

Enjoying a meal over the clouds of Portsmouth is truly something that you cannot experience often.

6. Take a Hovercraft To The Isle of Wight

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The Isle of Wight is just 10 minutes by hovercraft from Southsea. Take to the waters on the hovercraft and skim across the waves. A unique experience for all the family and one that the little ones will treasure. What’s more, you also get to explore Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

7. The Mary Rose

For the lovers of history and the past of England, you will definitely love this attraction in Portsmouth. The Mary Rose is a carrack warship that proved its for more than 30 years in the battle against many countries of Europe. After being constantly rebuilt several times during its lifespan, it was finally sunk.
After sinking just outside Portsmouth Harbour in 1545, Mary Rose lay on the sea bed until 1982 where it was raised for all to see. You’ll be able to take a step back in time with thousands of Tudor objects and possessions that were lost when it sank during the Battle of the Solent.

If you do plan on making a visit on The Mary Rose, I would heavily recommend getting the premium pass which will get you an expert as a guide for the entire tour. This way you will be able to learn in detail about the entire history of this amazing warship. You also get a bag full of goodies with the premium pass, so if you are into that, make sure you get that one.

8. Exbury Gardens and Steam Railway

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Head to the New Forest and spend the day exploring the wonderful gardens, pathways, and parkland where the little ones can run wild and explore. If the little ones get tired, hop onto the Exbury Steam Railway and take a 20-minute steam train journey around the gardens. A magical experience that everyone loves.
As you can see Portsmouth is full of amazing activities that can leave you wanting more. It can keep both you and your family entertained throughout your entire visit to this city. Whether you are a local or visiting, there are plenty of options which means there is something for everyone. If one of you does not find the idea of Mary Rose’s history, you can always go and check out the Emirates Spinnaker Tower.

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