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Unemployment Benefit in Spain

The application for unemployment benefit in Spain can be a quite complicated process. To have the right to receive benefit you must have contributed to the social securityover a minimum period of 360 days within the last 6 years before you became unemployed.

The maximum period of time you can receive unemployment benefits in Spain is 2 years, the amount of time will depend on how long you have worked. In theory, the more you put into the system, the more you can get out.

The amount you can expect to receive will rely on your social security contributions within the last 180 days.

You will not be entitled to this benefit when it has been your own decision to terminate your employment contract.

Firstly, you must register as unemployed and apply for their unemployment benefit with the local employment office (INEM) within 15 days of becoming unemployed. You can find a list of INEM offices here.

Arrive early as there can be long queues. The office usually opens from 8:30 – 14:00 and bring the following documents with you:

Passport or identity card.
Last payslip.
End of contract or dismissal letter, provided by your employer.
Company Certificate.
Once your application has been approved, you will receive unemployment benefit, which in Spain is paid directly to your bank account. Every 3 months you will have to sign on at the INEM office.

You will also be eligible to work and may be called for an interview or possible proof that you are actively seeking employment.

Need any help making the application or someone to come with you to ensure the application is made correctly, contact us.

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