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Guide to : Making a Complaint in Spain

Every business in Spain is required by law to have a complaint book (“Libro de hojas Reclamaciones”).Making a complaint in Spain using this book is taken very seriously and in some cases, even asking for the book can result in a change of attitude of the person you are dealing with.

Every establishment will also display a sign informing clients of the complaint book. The official requirement is to use the book while making a complaint. In Spain, failure to present this book can result in the business being closed down.

You will be required to fill in the following information :

Location, town, date and time of where the incident occurred.
Your name and ID or passport number, address and contact phone number.
Name, NIF/CIF, address and phone number of the business/person whom the complaint is being made against.
Details of the incident.
Any documents relevant to the complaint such as receipts or advertising.

Each form will have three copies and once the form is completed two copies (white and green) are for you and pink copy is for the business.

The next step is to give the business 10 days to respond to the complaint. If they fail to do so, go to the consumer organisation, OMIC (Oficina Municipal de Informacion al Consumidor) and give them the white copy of the complaint.

The OMIC will send an inspector to the business in order to investigate your complaint.

The complaint will be deemed either public or private. If the complaint is considered public such as hygiene or safety, the matter will become formal and legal proceedings will take place. If the complaint is deemed private, it will be referred to the “Sistema de Mediacion” for arbitration and they will recommend a settlement. Both parties have the right to reject this settlement and the matter will go before a local judge to make a decision.

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