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Guide to : Reporting a crime in Spain

Spain is not known as a country with high crime rates in Europe, however it is vital that residents and visitors are aware of the process of reporting a crime in Spain to the police.

Reporting a crime in Spain can help the Police to prevent the same crime being committed to other residents or tourists in the future.

Many small crimes can now be reported in English by calling 902 102 112. Once you have lodged a report to the Police, you will informed that you will need to visit your nearest Police station within 48 hours to sign the report and obtain a copy. Find your nearest Police station here.

The advantage is that reports made by telephone are given precedence over reports made in person at the Police station, reducing the amount of time waiting for the report. This report is necessary if you intent to make a claim with your insurance company.

The crimes that can be reported by telephone include:

Theft of documents/belongings
Car crime (stolen/broken into)
Property (damage/broken into)
Theft (bag snatching/pickpocket)
Crimes involving violence will usually have to be reported in person to the Police station.

Many Police stations in Spain will not have an English speaker available to help, if you do not speak Spanish, it is recommended to take an interpreter with you.

We help expats living on the Costa del Sol with interpreters, administration, taxes and advice in their own language. If you have any questions about reporting a crime in Spain, please contact us.

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