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Guide to: Social Security in Spain

The Social Security system in Spain provides the working population with medical and financial coverage against a variety of accidents and circumstances.

Application for your Social Security number should be made before you start working. Please remember, it is impossible to start work legally in Spain without a Social Security number,

If you will be working for a company, they will usually make the application on your behalf.

Contributing to the Spanish Social Security system entitles you to public healthcare as well as pensions, unemployment insurance, maternity benefit, and other benefits.

Applications need to be made at your local Social Security office. You can find your nearest office here.

The application in Spain for a Social Security number is very straightforward unlike many other procedures. The form can be found here.

You will also need to bring the following documents:

Proof of employment (i.e employment contract)
Passport or national ID
Marriage certificate and the birth certificates of any dependents
Proof of residence (title deeds or rental agreement).
It is advisable to bring copies of the above documents as some offices will ask for these.

Got any questions? Need any help making the application or someone to come with you to ensure the application is made correctly, contact us.

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