Volunteer work in Mijas

Volunteer in MijasThe idea of volunteer work in Mijas has grown over recent years as many local non-profit organisations welcome new people into their groups.

The platform, offered by the town hall to the organisations, helps to increase community spirit by allowing residents to use their skills and experience through the volunteer program.

Volunteer work is good for the body and soul and can help to view a part of culture from the inside. Along with personal growth and a sense of accomplishment, you can learn new things and build sense of friendship and belonging.

The ability to participate and the willingness to get involved is the motivation of many people in the Mijas volunteer work program. The following clubs are currently part of the association and can all do with a helping hand.

Lions Club International
: Organise local benefit events (Golf, Concerts, Sponsored Walks, etc) to support a multitude of local and international organisations.Phone: 952935462

Soroptimist International, Costa del Sol
: The international organisation of professional and working women works with projects to improve the respect towards human rights.Phone: 646872664

Red Cross
: Humanitarian organisation that provides emergency assistance. Locally, they provide assistance with education, emergency services and lifeguards.Phone: 952664646

Mijas Friendship Association with the Sahrawi
: They organise food collection and spread awareness of the Sahrawi people’s situation in the disputed Western Sahara territory.Phone: 952590770

Families of Schizophrenia sufferers
: You can collaborate with their sports program for people at risk of social exclusion. Also, you can help by offering assistance at their socialcultural activities.Phone : 952472330
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Interpreters Volunteer Mijas
: Work through the Mijas foreigners department as a voluntary interpreter. Currently in Los Centros de Salud de Mijas pueblo, Las Lagunas, La Cala. Also, in CARE de Las Lagunas.Phone: 952589010

Families of Alzheimer sufferers
: The group offers therapy for families, stimulation classes and host a Gala annual charity dinner for their supporters in Mijas. Volunteer work by providing the families with some respite from their routine by offering your company and support. Lend some psychological support during workshops.Phone: 952590810

Mijas “Virgen del la Peña” Association for Disabled: Supporting the disabled by organising sport events and offering speech therapy classes to help the expression and inter-relation with others. The association also provide hippotherapy in conjunction of the Hipodrome De Mijas.Phone: 952462110

Before choosing to do volunteer work in Mijas, make sure you can commit to the time involved for the duration of the project.

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