Shopping in Mijas

Shopping in Mijas involves wandering the beautiful white streets of the village to find many small independent shops selling a mix of artisan products, traditional handicrafts, and cheap souvenirs.

One of the most prominent craft items on sale in the village is the traditional ceramics. Many shops in the village can be seen displaying these on the white walls that are synonymous with Mijas. Shopping in these handicraft stores, you will find colorful decorative bowls, vases, and plates.

With a strong historical Moroccan influence in Andalucia, it is of little surprise that many shops in Mijas sell traditional Moroccan carpets and rugs. There are also many shops selling leather goods such as jackets, boots, and hats from Morocco.

For people looking for a more luxurious unique gift, shopping in one of the available jewelry stores can offer sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, all in 18ct gold. There are several jewelers scattered throughout the village such as Meguiñez, Lazaro Moreno Tejon, and Tamisa.

While shopping in Mijas, you will also recognize the typical Spanish products such as olive oils, wooden flamenco castanets, and Spanish sweets. These are among some of the many products and handicrafts that are associated with Spain.

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