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Mijas Beaches to offer more services

The local government of Mijas will attempt to improve the services of the nine miles of beaches in the municipality. The intention is to increase the amount of services available to visitors to the Mijas area.


Although the plan is still awaiting approval from the Junta de Andalucia, there will be 9 kiosks offering drinks and snacks to bathers, 13 areas for the traditional barbecue of sardines (espeteros) and 28 points where bathers can hire sunbeds and parasols. 3 separate areas are planned to allow family barbecues, the town hall will provide 3 boats that are to be used for this purpose.


In recent years, the appearance of people offering massages on the beach has increased and the government has decided to control the service. There will be 14 areas along the Mijas coastline where fully qualified masseuse’s and masseur’s will offer their services to the public.


The recent popularity of couples wanting to get married on the beach and the number of requests for this service to the town hall has prompted the plan to construct a designated area for weddings. The site will be on Butibamba beach, located close to La Cala de Mijas.


Water sport enthusiasts will be happy that the Mijas town hall plan will also provide more areas for the rental of motor boats, pedal boats and kite surfing. The kite surfing will be on El Cherif beach, which is quite popular with surfers.


Mijas town hall hope that the services can be offered all year rather than just during the summer. The ideas were drawn from a number of professionals in tourism and presented to the Junta de Andalucia for approval. The Mijas town hall hopes that additional services will improve the quality of tourism services offered to visitors to Mijas.

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