Top 5 Burgers Places in Toronto

Toronto is the home of many burger places. If you are craving an all-American Classic Cheeseburger then definitely visit these burger places from the list. You will be glad that you did go to these burger places.

Burger’s Priest

Burger patties are made from 100% beef chunks made fresh daily. The burger buns are soft and brushed with butter. Many options to choose from depending on your preference and appetite. There is an OPTION burger for vegetarians which has a Portobello mushroom with three types of cheese mixed patty deep fried with house special batter. All the burgers can be dressed as you like with classic options of ketchup, mayo, onion, lettuce, tomato, and so on. There are freshly made milkshakes and cookies available

Holy Chucks

The second-best in the city is Holy Chuck’s burgers. There are patties that are freshly grilled and juicy. The seasoning on the patties is something you can actually taste and distinguish from other burger places. There are classic cheeseburgers with in house special menu options. Vegetarians have the option to order the animal feed which is made from mushroom and cheese. There is a humongous burger that has 6 burger patties and four grilled cheese buns and 4 slices of cheese. If you haven’t eaten for a day that “Go Chuck Yourself” burger will keep you out of hunger for the next 24 hours only if you finish it completely by yourself.

The Stock Yards

Stockyard’s Smokehouse and Ladder has patties that are made freshly from pure beef and a very juicy with a little crispy on the edges. This place has about 30 types of special burgers on the menu. Their famous buttermilk fried chicken is something to definitely try when you pay a visit there. They also have bbq baby back ribs, bbq chicken twice a week in the summer on the menu.


The specialty of Allen’s is their meat comes from cows which have been grass, whey and hay fed not corn. The patties are hand-formed and the burgers are basically topped with Ontario made cheese. If you are looking for good juicy burgers where the ingredients’ of the burgers are local which also tastes good then Allen’s is the place.

Apache Burger

Located in Etobicoke If you a just a lover of old-fashioned plain bbq hamburgers Apache is the place. The burgers are old fashioned like in the 1950’s style where it’s just plain hamburgers with simple dressing like mayo, ketchup, and mustard, relish, pickle, tomato, and so on.

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