Everything You Need to Know About the U.S. Visa for People With Special Ability

If you are an individual with special abilities in your mastery area, the O1 visa is the one for you. Gaining experience in a foreign nation sounds like a thrilling experience. You will have the ability to interact with other people that share the same passion as you. Having experience outside of your homeland could set you apart from your peers.

Before we further discuss what an O1 visa is, let us first define a non-immigrant visa. According to Ashoori Law, non-immigrants visas are applicable for foreigners who want to step foot in and reside in the country for only a period. Unlike immigrant visas, non-immigrants bearers are not able to apply for permanent residency.

The O1 visa

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The O1 is limited to expert people who seek to purse entry in the country temporarily. There are two subcategories to the visa; O1A and O1B.

O1A visa is limited for people who considered the cream of the crop of their area of mastery. Specifically, in the areas of business, athletic, or even arts, etc. If you are an alien who exhibits extraordinary potential in the areas mentioned above, you are certified for the visa.

You must provide shreds of evidence to illustrate your legitimacy. It would help if you exemplified that you are not an average person. Notable trophies and medals are an excellent example of proof.

If you are a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, you are easily entitled to the visa. If you are an athlete, you can provide awards like Most Valuable Player or even certificates that illustrate that you are playing for a long time more than an average player.

You don’t necessarily need an offer from a U.S. company. You can appeal to a petition yourself and enter the country. However, it would help if you exhibited that you aim to hone your skills in your mastery; you have to display offers from your possible employers.

If you are a master in the performing arts such as theater, etc., you are competent for an O1B visa. Musicians, writers, or directors can also obtain this visa. Unlike the O1A visa, you are not authorized to appeal for yourself. Talent agencies should request for your entry.

To certify for the visa, you are obligated to issue evidence. If you are a grantee of notable awards like an Oscar, etc. you are easily qualified. Playing a lead role, writing esteemed screenplays, or directing blockbusters movies will also play a huge factor in the acceptance of your visa. Your high income is also proof you can use.

The O1 advantages

If you are an O1 bearer, you will enjoy certain benefits not available for other visas. In this section, we will tackle the advantages that will set your mind to obtaining the visa.

Live in the country temporarily

Since the visa is only temporary, you can smoothly go back to your homeland once your contract expires. If you only want to set foot in the U.S. to gain experience or train under a new environment, get this visa.

Mastering your craft country will aide you in setting yourself apart from the people in your area. It is a satisfying experience, and once you’re back in your homeland, you can relate the lessons you’ve learned into mastering your craft.

Apply for extens

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ions multiple times


Once you obtained your visa, you are lawfully allowed to occupy the country for 36 months. If you feel like you must delay your stay, you can lengthen your visa.

There are no limitations on how many times you can lengthen your visa. The time of your extended stay is up to 12 months. If you still need to occupy the U.S. in the prolonged year, you can appeal for another extension.

Some can even live in the nation for fifteen years. This advantage is not available for other visas.

You can accept many job offers

You can work under various talent agencies. However, make sure you are providing your talents for them one at a time. You don’t want to suffer from over-fatigue.

If you finished filming for a movie in a year, but you still want to gain try other for different films or tv shows inside the country as an actor or an actress, you can again audition for other movies.

There are no limitations to the visa

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Unlike other visas, the O1 does not have a maximum capacity to be reached. The Embassy can release many visas as long as it is needed.

You can appeal anytime without brooding about whether the visa is still available. With other visas, you might have to stand by for another fiscal year if the maximum number is reached.

Your spouse or child can join you

If your family is your number one support system, you don’t need to brood about getting separated from them. They can reside in the country with you.

They can appeal to the O3 visa. However, your spouse cannot look for jobs, but your child can study at an American school.

Your assistant can join you

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Your subordinate can accompany you under the O2 visa. You don’t have to hire a new assistant. Familiarity is still with you, even if you are performing in a new environment.

Your assistants should apply under the O2 visas so that they can accompany you. They should show proof that their support is beneficial to the triumphant presentation of the O1 holder.

These are all the data we have gathered about the O1 visa. If you want to get your O1 visa immediately, you can try for faster processing. You have to pay extra money for that; the process can be long, but it is worth the effort you exerted.

Assess your situation. Prepare the needed papers, supply multiple pieces of evidence for an assured approval, and start jumpstarting your career in the country. This experience is beneficial in mastering your craft and for your job.

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