Mijas parking loses 10,000€ per month

Mijas town hall has decided to finally close a large public parking facility in Las Lagunas due to the excessive financial loss to the municipality. The parking facility, which is located beneath the local government offices in Las Lagunas, had been opened for less than 1 year.


With a capacity for 106 cars, the town hall was hoping the spaces would be taken by local residents for overnight parking while during the day the parking was intended for local businesses and civil servants working in the government buildings. However, the lack of interest was clearly shown when only 7 local residents paid for a parking space. The majority of government workers decided against using the parking spaces too.


As the parking was opened 24 hours a day, the high costs associated with having staff rotated 24 hours a day forced the town hall to install equipment to allow the parking to be operated from the parking facility in Mijas pueblo. Unfortunately, technical difficulties persisted with this method of control and maintenance costs associated with the parking had risen to almost 10,000€ per month.


Mijas town hall finally gave in and admitted that they could not allow the parking to continue with such low numbers of users. Many local residents questioned why a parking facility was opened in an area where many properties already have private parking facilities and an abundance of street parking also available.

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