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Ethan Cohen Fine Arts

New York City, NY

Neighborhood: Downtown Manhattan

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Ethan Cohen is dedicated to promoting and showcasing contemporary art from Asia. Over the past 20 years, he has been involved with groundbreaking exhibitions and worked closely with notable scholars developing the field of Chinese Contemporary Art. His long list of exhibitions includes prominent shows such as Radical Line-20 years of ink Innovation in Chinese Art at Bowling Green State University Museum and Wooster College Art Gallery, Chinese Maximilism, curated by Gao Minglu and organized by The Millennium Art Museum, Beijing and the University of Buffalo Art Galleries, The Chinese Art Invasion in Art Basel Miami and Making China: Cultural Implosion, curated by Huang Du and Bingyi. He is a regular participant in international art fairs and last showed in the Volta Art fair in Basel Switzerland in 2006.

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