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How to Pay a traffic fine in Spain

Traffic fines in Spain must be paid within 60 days, however, for minor offences, both residents (living in Spain) and foreigners receive a 30% discount if they pay a traffic fine in Spain within 30 days.

The permitted time-frame between the offence occurring and receiving official notification is 60 days. Notifications received after the 60 day period will make the fine invalid. However, if notification of a fine is sent to you in Spain while you’re abroad, your Spanish property could eventually be embargoed for non-payment and your driving licence may also be suspended without your knowledge.

If you’re caught by an unmanned radar trap, you will be sent a photograph of your number plate, which is deemed to be definitive evidence of speeding.

If a fine seems unusually high, you should question it or take legal advice. You can appeal against a fine by submitting a written appeal within ten days of the alleged offence to the provincial traffic department where the offence occurred.

The police will then decide whether to uphold your appeal. Please remember that there is no appeal against this decision and you will also lose the option for the 30 per cent prompt payment discount.

Traffic fine payments can be made using the Spanish Department of Traffic website. Once you have accessed their website, here is the process:

Go to the website above and click on the ‘Trámites y Multas’ section which can be found on the left hand side of the page.
DGT Website

Then click on ‘¿Alguna Multa?’
Step 2

Then click ‘Pago de Multas’
Step 3

Next you will have 2 options – a) and b). Unless you have a digital certificate, choose option a).
You will be taken to another page in English to enter in your details: Document type, Document number, Name/Corporate name (first name), First Surname, Second surname (can be ignored), Date of Report, Record number, Total amount.

Payment of a traffic fines in Spain can also be made at any branch of the post office or Banco Santander or at your local traffic department.

The payment can also be made with a credit or debit card by calling 060. Always ensure that you receive a receipt for the payment and keep the receipt in case of possible problems.

We help expats living on the Costa del Sol with interpreters, administration, taxes and advice in their own language. If you have any questions about how to pay a traffic fine in Spain or appealing a fine, please contact us.

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