Downtown Boston Attractions Map


Downtown Boston Tourist Attractions Map

The Downtown area is the historical heart of the city of Boston. The area has many of the Freedom Trail Sights and Attractions. The trail starts at the Boston Common and runs through the city taking about 3 hours to walk. It highlights two and a half centuries of Boston’s past. These landmark sights are mixed in with corporate headquarters, financial centers, and City Hall. Some of the top attractions are shown on the Map above. Click on the yellow areas on the map to get more information on Downtown area.

Use the top buttons on the map to find other maps and get locations and information on Restaurants, Bars and Clubs as well as Hotels in the area. Use the arrows to navigate the city, the perfect way to get an overview of what each neighborhood has to offer. Go west to see the Beacon Hill Map of Sightseeing Attractions, or go east to the Waterfront. Move North to the North End Neighborhood. Use the Subway T Location Map to find the stations closest to your area of interest. Go to the Boston Neighborhood Page to read a quick description of the Areas of Boston. The perfect way to plan your vacation to Boston.

Faneuil Hall
Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market draws more visitors each year than Disney World.

Granary Burying Grounds
Granary Burying Ground was established in 1660. Three signers of the Declaration of Independence are buried here. Can you find the markers?

King’s Chapel
King’s Chapel across the street from the Boston Commons. Freedom Trail attraction.

Old State House
The most important building in America prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Old South Meeting House
The Old South Meeting House was the site of many of the early political debates that shaped the nation.

Old Corner Book Store
Fine example of a Colonial shop in colonial Boston.

Park Street Church
Historic Park Street Church on the Freedom Trail The church was founded in 1809.