Malaga Airport


malaga airport

Malaga airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain, with over 12 million passengers passing through the airport every year. The airport is the gateway to the Costa del Sol and is located only 25 mins from Mijas Pueblo and 35 mins from Mijas Costa areas including La Cala de Mijas and Calahonda. The airport has been updated in recent years, with Terminal 3 being opened, greatly increasing the flight capacity and offering modern facilities.


The airport facilities include various restaurants, cafes and shopping outlets. Medical facilities are also available as well as a VIP lounge. The VIP lounge is located after the security control and offers usage of computers, TV, chairs and sofas. There are free drinks and snacks available. Entry to the VIP lounge costs 20€ but does not include WiFi which must be purchased separately.


The airlines with the largest number of flights at Malaga airport are Ryanair, Easyjet and Vueling. All passengers should confirm with their airline how many pieces of luggage you are allowed to take with you, as well as any size and weight restrictions. If you are taking any liquids, creams or gels, remember that only 100ml can be taken and all items must be stored in a clear plastic bag. The airport will not provide bags for this purpose. The airport Pharmacy does sell these bags if needed.


The airport has 4 parking areas for public parking, depending if your stay is long or short term.


Travel to/from Malaga Airport

  • Bus: There is no direct bus that runs from Malaga airport to Mijas Pueblo or Mijas Costa, although there are several buses available from Fuengirola bus station, which is located 2 mins walk from the train station. Bus 220 will take you all along the coast, journey times are 20 min (La Cala de Mijas), 25 min (Riviera del Sol) and 30 min (Calahonda). Bus 122 takes you from the coast up the hill to Mijas pueblo, the journey takes 15 mins.
  • Train: The train line can take you as far as Fuengirola, which is the last stop. The majority of passengers take the train to as far as Fuengirola and take other forms of transport to go further. The train service is fast, clean and efficient. Fuengirola is the last stop for the train and the bus station is 2 mins walk.
  • Taxi: There are no shortage of taxis outside Malaga airport that can take to your destination. Taxis are a little expensive, the rates should be confirmed with the driver before leaving: Mijas Pueblo – 35€, La Cala de Mijas/Riviera del Sol – 45,00€, Calahonda – 50,00€.
  • Car rental: Many people who visit Mijas decide to rent a car, which can sometimes be a cheaper option that the combined costs of trains, buses and taxi during your stay . There is no shortage of car rental companies looking for your business.
  • Transfers: In recent years, there has been an increase of companies offering transfer services. Collection at the airport and drop-off at your destination. This option is good for large groups and can be booked prior to your arrival.